Bass Loops

Explore our blend of building blocks, filled to the brim with dynamic patterns, bass loops and other high quality grooves. Each loop is professionally recorded and featured in high quality WAV format. Constructed using a mix of grooveboxes and vintage synths, every single bass loop featured in this sound library has positively definite, organic feel.
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Bass Loop, 128 Bpm by
DH2 07 Bassline A 128 Bpm
Bass Loop, 127 Bpm by
DH2 25 Bassline Gm 127 Bpm
Bass Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH3 33 A Bassline Dm 126 Bpm
Bass Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT4 18 Bassline F 130 Bpm
Bass Loop, 130 Bpm by
DB1 01 Bassline 130 Bpm
Bass Loop, 130 Bpm by
DB1 03 Bassline 130 Bpm