Free Loops for Music Producers

It doesn't matter if you're looking for drum sounds, soulful synth loops or production ready samples, you'll find what you looking for in this sound library. Produced using an array of synths, drum machines and vst instruments, every single loop has a timelsess, warm sound. Every loop is professionally recorded and featured in high quality format. From hard hitting sequences to dynamic techno patterns this collection is filled with powerful sounds for your productions.

Add a layer of massive electronic music sound to your tracks. Produced using generally drum machines and vst effects, every single groove has quite definite, punchy sound.
Constructed using basically hardware synths and grooveboxes, each sequence included in this amazing compilation has very distinct, timeless vibe. Add a level of melodic electronic music feel to your tracks.
Experience large selection of bass sounds made for dj's and producers who are always looking for the highest quality tools. From dirty bass sounds to techno sequences this loop pack is full of building blocks.
From professional bass sounds to organic drum grooves this loop pack has everything you'll need to make beats. Listen to the vast mix of loops made for producers who are looking for a perfect set of tools.
Add massive sound textures and synthetic grooves to your music production workflow. Recorded using largely synth plugins and drum machines, every sound file included in this pack has very granular feel.
Designed using mainly vintage synths and grooveboxes, every sound included in this sound library has a unique, timeless sound. Instantly add a classic techno vibe to every pattern groove and project.
Discover the huge selection of dub techno grooves designed for everyone that is looking for perfect techno sequences. Experience what's possible to create when using our sound libraries.
Designed with the help of a mix of software and hardware tools, every single tech house loop featured below sets out an amazing foundation for your tracks.
Download many house drum grooves, synth sounds and patterns included in this amazing compilation. From analog sounds to layered drum loops this loop pack bundle is full of building blocks for your tracks.
From must-have hypnotic drum grooves to percussive bass sounds, this loop pack has everything you'll need to get going. Made using vintage synths and effects, every single sound has a definite, analog vibe.