Free Samples for Music Producers

Expand your electronic music productions with high quality and production ready sounds. With loads of hard hitting techno sounds, essential kick drums and classic hand claps this is an absolutely timeless sound compilation. All samples in our offer are 100% royalty free and ready to incorporate into your tracks and live sets. Instantly add a percussive layer to every sequence by simply introducing one of the provided sound files into your productions.

With everything from hard hitting kicka and granular claps, this compilation contains everything you'll need.
With loads of layered techno samples, crispy snare drums and distorted hi-hats it's an absolutely unique sound library.
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With many deep techno bass loops, hard hitting synth sounds and punchy elements this is a really special collection.
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If you’re into atmospheric synth stabs and hypnotic drum sounds, then we've got something for you.
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With many classic techno kick drums, hard hitting hand claps and crispy hi-hats it's a really timeless sound library.
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