Synth Loops

From deep synth sounds to granular patterns this compilation is full off hard hitting sounds for your tracks. Add massive sound layers and synth sequences to your tracks with this must-have sound library. No matter if you're making detroit techno, electro or even deep house, this amazing compilation will fit right in into your music production workflow.
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Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH1 06 Synth Fm 126 Bpm
Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH3 22 Synth D 126 Bpm
Synth Loop, 128 Bpm by
MT4 11 A Synth D 128 Bpm
Synth Loop, 132 Bpm by
DT1 32 Synth B 132 Bpm
Synth Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT3 03 Synth D 130 Bpm
Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DT2 18 Synth D 126 Bpm